Aussiedoodle vs Goldendoodle

aussiedoodle vs goldendoodle

Aussiedoodle and Goldendoodle dogs are both doodle breeds that make excellent pets. They are friendly, affectionate, and focused well when trained from a young age. While both doodle pups share many of the same traits, there are some distinct differences between the two medium sized dog breeds.

While both doodle puppy breeds enjoy popularity, a Goldendoodle puppy tends to be more in demand due to its signature curly coat, low shedding, and hypoallergenic.

Both the Aussiedoodle and Goldendoodle share similar genetics, as they both have Poodle parents. These hybrid breeds combine the best qualities of both parent breeds, which results in a designer dog that’s ideal as a pet for any dog owner.

History of the Goldendoodle and the Aussiedoodle

The Aussiedoodle originated from the Australian Shepherd and Standard Poodle. Despite the name of the parent and hybrid dog breed, Australian Shepherds and Aussiedoodles are most popular in the United States and range in size from small to medium. Initially bred as herding dogs, Aussiedoodles grew in popularity in the late-1900s, especially globally.

Aussiedoodles were initially referred to as Australian Poodles. Both parent breeds are well known for their intelligence and skills as therapy dogs, drug detectors, search and rescue dogs, and guide dogs. They are highly protective and work well as guard dogs as well.

Goldendoodles became a popular hybrid breed in the 1990s, a crossbreed between a purebred Poodle, either standard or toy poodle breed sized, and a Golden Retriever. They cost more than an Aussiedoodle and range from a mini Goldendoodle to a small or medium sized dog. Both dogs have curly coats that don’t shed much, which makes them desirable as pets due to their low maintenance.

aussiedoodle with a coat sitting in the grass

Physical Appearance

Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles vary in size, primarily determined by the Poodle parent. When you visit a reputable breeder in your area, it’s essential to inquire about the size and history of the Poodle breed to get an idea of how large your puppy will grow into adulthood.

In most cases, Aussiedoodles are bred to be standard or miniature, and they tend to range in height between ten and fifteen inches and weigh anywhere between twenty-five pounds up to seventy pounds.

Unlike Aussiedoodles, Goldendoodles have more defined sizes based on the Poodle breed. They come in teacup, miniature, medium, and standard sizes, with toy and miniature Goldendoodles among the top choices.

There is a significant variance in weight and height based on the sizing scale, with Teacup Goldendoodles weighing seven pounds and standing between eight and thirteen inches and standard sizes weighing up to ninety pounds and up to twenty inches tall.

While there are more sizing options for Goldendoodle breeds, they tend to grow slowly compared to Aussiedoodles. Both hybrid breeds come in many coat colors and variations in curly, wavy, and straight hair textures.

Aussiedoodle breeds tend to incorporate the same or similar colors standard in Australian Shepherds, such as white, black, tan, and gray, either as a merle color, solid color, or a blend of two or three hues. In rare cases, Aussiedoodles come in red and blue merle varieties due to unique genetic traits.

Goldendoodles have the same coat texture types as Aussiedoodles, which can depend on the specific Poodle genetics and which traits the doodle pup inherits. They come in various coat colors, including apricot, blond, cream, chocolate, red, black, and golden. It’s also common for your dog’s fur to change in color as they age, and unique merle colors are available.

Behavior and Temperament Characteristics

Doodle pups are friendly dogs; you’ll find they are loyal, playful, and affectionate. You’ll find both Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles adapt well to families and socialize well with children and other household pets.

One of the main differences between the doodle dog breeds is the high-level energy Aussiedoodles have and their strong personality, which can sometimes be challenging, especially when you begin to train your dog.

Goldendoodles tend to be slightly calmer and laid-back, which makes them more accessible for children and pets to adapt to at home. Aussiedoodles can similarly adapt, though due to their ancestry as herding dogs and related instincts, they can be a bit stubborn and strong-willed.

Training is generally easy for both doodle breeds, though you’ll find Aussiedoodles are more focused and thrive on mental stimulation. Goldendoodles are more eager to please, though they prefer to play to learn, which can sometimes present a minor challenge.

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