The Best Express Pet Transport Services & Costs

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When you plan a relocation to another state, across the country, or overseas, it’s important to make accommodations for your pet’s travel, whether it’s choosing an airline that’s pet-friendly or a ground transportation service.

While many pet owners bring their furry companions along for the ride, pet transportation services reduce stress and provide peace of mind that your dog will be safely shipped to your new location.

Best Pet Express Transport Services

Our top picks for pet travel services specialize in providing safe transportation for dogs, cats, and birds. When you ship internationally, there are specific permits and documentation required.

Worldwide pet shipping requires preparation before departure, including obtaining the required permits and veterinary treatments. You’ll also need to determine whether quarantine or restrictions apply in the destination or whether these limitations have been reduced or removed altogether.

What are the best pet transportation service companies? The following travel services are among our top choices for providing quality travel accommodations for your furry friend, including each company’s best services and costs.

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Best International Pet Transport Service

Pet Express Transport Services specializes in international and domestic travel for pets. The company’s website features a calculator to determine the size of crate you’ll need for your dog, cat, or small pet, based on their height, length, leg height, width, and other characteristics.

A standard-sized crate for domestic travel that accommodates a 35 lb pet starts at $675, which includes domestic shipping costs within the forty-eight states, taking up to one week or eight days. For international travel, the price varies based on the destination and the country’s requirements.


  • Customized pet shipping options for international travel
  • Pickup and delivery to the airport and airline check-in
  • Door-to-door delivery to your pet’s destination
  • Boarding and kenneling
  • Customs clearance, permits, health checks, and certificates
  • Reviewing document compliance
  • Provide comfort stopovers, as needed, to keep your pet comfortable
  • Veterinary treatments and advice as required
  • Ground transport is available for domestic travel


  • Most prices must be requested as a custom quote

Best Private Pet Ground Transportation Service

Royal Paws offers excellent pet travel with private ground transportation, available for dogs and cats throughout the United States. The company offers over twenty years of pet transport experience and personalized services for pet owners and their furry friends.

Royal Paws is an excellent choice and a great alternative to air travel if you’re relocating to the United States with your pet.


  • Specializes in private ground transportation with door-to-door services in climate-controlled vehicles.
  • Regular breaks to provide exercise opportunities for your pet
  • Travel crates are available for pets with custom rates and options
  • All vehicles are spacious mini-vans or SUVs with lots of room and two drivers to keep your pets safe and content.
  • You can opt to receive video, phone, and text updates on your pet often, including updates on social media.
  • Private pet transport is arranged so that your furry companion can travel stress-free.


  • No air travel or overseas transport for pets is available.
  • There is no standard pricing fee, and quotes are required for customized services.

Best Veterinarian-Supported Pet Transport Services Company

Air Animals offers exceptional international transport services for pets, with ongoing updates, and customer care, so you can rest assured your dog or cat is well accommodated throughout the trip.

This company was established in the late 1970s by a veterinarian and offers pet shipping services to most types of domesticated animals. Air Animals website features tutorials to help pet owners prepare for relocations. The basic pet transport package starts at $1,140, with more extensive service packages starting at $2,815.


  • Plenty of transportation options are available for your pet, from the essential “book and fly” option to a more extensive VIP travel package.
  • If you choose a VIP package, your pet will receive all the benefits of health reviews, regular updates, and accommodations on commercial airlines.
  • The company offers assistance with documentation and permits required for traveling to another country, including customs clearance.
  • Air Animals was founded by a veterinarian and ensured all health checks and screenings are done thoroughly.


  • This pet shipper service may be more expensive than other ground and air transportation companies.

Best Pet Transportation Service With Tracking Options

Blue Collar Pet Transport is an excellent pet relocation service that allows pet owners to track their beloved pets from when they part ways to when they arrive at their destination. This company provides ground transport throughout North America and air transportation.

Blue Collar Pet Transport is registered with the USDA, including approved kennels, to ensure safe and comfortable ground travel. While pricing varies, in-cabin air travel for pets ranges between $1,600 and $2,500 within the lower forty-eight states.

It can range from $2,500 to $7,500 for international flights to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. Other fees may apply based on additional services and the type of airline.


  • You’ll have access to a tracking system so that you can follow your pet for the entire journey
  • Every pet handler is screened and receives a background check
  • Expedited travel services are available for an additional fee
  • You can choose from in-cabin transport, private pet travel, and households with multiple pets are accommodated


  • Rates can be costly for private jet services or specific arrangements

Best Economical and Flexible Pet Transport Service

Animals Away offer a variety of services for pet travel for budget-conscious individuals, with the option of additional pet shipping services and features for international pet relocation. The company offers the expertise of pet handlers with over fifty years of industry experience combined. Animals Away hold a USDA handlers license and is a member of the IPATA.


  • Provides door-to-door service for animals internationally
  • Offer flexible rates and pricing based on individual needs
  • Pet travel consulting services available
  • Boarding pets and domestic ground transportation services are provided
  • Customs clearance for international travel and pet relocation


  • Pricing is only available by quote


Finding the best pet travel service is essential when planning a long-distance trip or relocation, whether out of state or overseas. Whether you travel with your furry friend or arrange to book a professional pet transport service for your dog, it’s essential to choose a reputable company that will ensure the best for your pet throughout its journey.

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