Best Dog Bones: Blue Buffalo Dental Bones vs Nylabone vs Benebone

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Dog bones play an essential role in maintaining your furry friend’s dental health. They help support oral health by promoting strong teeth, gums, and periodontal disease. It’s also a great way to improve your dog’s breath and support your pet’s teeth between brushing and professional dental cleanings. However, it’s essential to choose a quality dog bone product that provides the most benefits for your furry companion.

We compared some of the most popular dog bones and related products to determine which brands offer the best results for oral health. We compared the top choices for effectiveness with Benebone, Buffalo Bone, and Nylabone. We considered a variety of factors to determine how they rate in overall satisfaction:

  • Does the product contain natural ingredients without artificial preservatives?
  • Nutritional info includes sufficient protein, added minerals, vitamins, and enhanced flavor without added artificial flavors or colors.
  • How well does the product freshen breath, clean teeth, help teeth sparkle, prevent the build-up of tartar, and support gums?
  • Customer reviews and ratings on taste, which dog bones have a chewier texture, good flavor options, and are generally enjoyable for pups and dogs in all life stages

Like humans, dogs are prone to bad breath, periodontal disease, and tooth decay, making oral hygiene and dental care vital for their overall well-being. In addition to regular brushing and a well-balanced diet, there are great dental dog treats, dietary supplements, and regular bones for your pet’s health.

Benebone, Nylabone, and Blue Buffalo’s Blue Bone: An Overview

How do Benebone, Nylabone, and Blue Buffalo’s blue bone products measure up? We reviewed each product with our dogs to find the main advantages, drawbacks, and how they compare.


Benebones are made with durable nylon and U.S.-sourced ingredients, including beef, fish, chicken, pork, maple wood, and peanuts. If your dog has food allergies to nuts, select products are available that are processed and packaged separately in a peanut-free facility. All dog bone products are manufactured in New York, U.S., and use only high-quality ingredients that are locally sourced.

While Benebones are not edible, they are durable and tend to last for several days or weeks, depending on how much your dog chews and plays with them. We found them ideal for all ages of dogs, including pups and senior dogs.

They are available in four shapes (wishbone, maple stick, dental chew, and zaggler) and a variety of flavors (jack salmon, maple wood, peanut butter, bacon, and chicken), which gives you lots of options for your furry friend.

Here are our overall pros and cons of Benebones and our (and our pets’) experiences with them.


  • Benebones are durable, and the outer nylon material is vital, so your dog will enjoy them for days or up to a week
  • All ingredients are sourced from the U.S. and meet high-quality standards
  • Benebone products are available in various sizes and flavors, accommodating all dog breed sizes and ages.


  • There is a risk that small pieces of the bone may fall off when your dog chews, which isn’t often, though it should be monitored to ensure they aren’t ingested, as they are not edible. If any Benebone products are broken or damaged, they should be discarded immediately.


Nylabone offers a variety of dog bone shapes and sizes for all dog breeds. There are several flavors available, and there are ridges and nubs to enhance the texture of the bone for dental care. While Nylabone’s dog bones are not edible, the same brand offers a line of dog treats and dental chews that promote healthier teeth. This brand processes chew treats and bones in high-quality facilities in U.S. and China. All manufacturing is compliant with food safety standards, including accredited, third-party companies and research facilities.

We found this brand of natural dental bone, dog treats, and textured dog bones provide some notable benefits for our pets.


  • Nylabone offers dog bones made of a special polymer for puppies teething and normal bones for adult dogs.
  • Chew treats or bones are durable and may last for several days or longer, depending on how much your pet enjoys their toy
  • Nylabone offers a 30-day guarantee, so you can return your purchased dog treat if you choose the wrong product or if it’s not suitable for your specific dog’s needs.
  • There are three flavors, bacon, peanut butter, and chicken available.
  • Your pup can enjoy three main types of bone shapes with various textures, wishbone, stick, and bundle options.


  • Nylabone doesn’t offer as many flavor options as other brands

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Blue Buffalo is a highly reputable brand that offers an extensive line of all-natural dog food formulas, dog treats, and dental bones, also known as blue dental bones or blue bones. The manufacturer is well-known for using the finest natural ingredients without artificial ingredients, flavors, or preservatives.

Blue Buffalo’s dental bones are made in U.S. facilities that follow high-quality guidelines and provide excellent products to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. This brand offers some great benefits for your furry friend.


  • There are no artificial ingredients, chicken or poultry by-products, corn, wheat, or soy in Blue Buffalo products, making this brand ideal for dogs with allergies and food sensitivities.
  • Dog bone sizes vary from mini to regular bones and larger sizes to suit all dog breeds
  • All blue bones and dental bone dog treats support healthy teeth, freshen breath, and include wholesome ingredients that prevent tartar build-up and tooth decay.


  • Some Buffalo Blue products may be expensive, though they are worth the investment for your dog’s oral hygiene.

Our Top Choice of Dental Dog Bones for Your Pet

While all three brands offer excellent quality for your dog’s oral health, we chose Buffalo Blue as our top choice. It’s a highly reputable brand with a wide range of products.

Buffalo Blue may not offer an extensive flavor selection like Benebone or the same textured variety as Nylabone, but it scores highly in our assessment due to its exceptional quality.

Buffalo Blue’s dental dog bones offer a guaranteed analysis, which details the amount of moisture, fiber, protein, and fat in each product.

How to Choose a Quality Dental Bone for Your Dog

When you choose a dental bone for your dog, there are essential factors to consider so that your canine friend gets the most out of their treatment. Dog bones are enjoyable, too, as they function as a chew toy, a source of nutrition, and a great way to improve your pet’s health and oral care.

While many brands claim to provide excellent quality treats, dog food, and dental bones, not all products are developed to offer the same results.

Before you buy a quality dog bone for your pet, we recommend considering the following:

  • Review as many reviews on the product as possible, even if it’s a reputable brand. Some dog bones with the same manufacturer can vary, and some treats may be better than others.
  • Are you choosing a dental bone for a pup, adult, or senior dog? There are specific chew treats and bones for teething puppies and dogs with sensitive teeth or gums and regular products for adult dogs to support their oral hygiene.
  • While most dog bones are ideal for most pets with allergies, it’s essential to get familiar with your pet’s food sensitives and allergic reactions so that you can choose a treat that’s grain-free, peanut-free, or made with a specific material that’s best for your furry companion.
  • Get acquainted with your pet’s parents and medical history, which may detail your dog’s dental traits and what to expect when you choose a dental bone.
  • Carefully review the contents of various dental bones to ensure they contain only natural ingredients so that you can find the best option for your dog’s breath and teeth.
  • If your dog isn’t fond of dental bones or is slowly getting used to them, you can opt for highly digestible dental chews and invest in natural oral health care to ensure your pet receives the best treatment.
  • Review all the options for flavors dogs enjoy, especially if your pet has a preference for peanut butter, for example.
  • Your dog’s size, chewing style, personality, and flavor preferences are vital when picking a dental bone. For example, if your dog chews aggressively, you may want to buy a more durable, textured product or a softer, chewier option for puppies.

There are many ways to improve your dog’s dental health, including providing fresh drinking water, reducing or eliminating foods with sugar or high sodium, and feeding your furry friend a balanced diet.

It’s also good to check in with your veterinarian to ensure your pet’s teeth are growing in and forming correctly. If you notice a significant change in your pet’s oral health or tooth problems, there may be an underlying medical issue that requires further assessment and treatment.

In addition to professional dental cleanings and brushing, hard chew toys and natural, regular dog treats, in moderation, can provide good support for developing teeth by removing plaque, bacteria, and debris from your pet’s mouth.

When you choose a dental bone, your veterinarian may offer suggestions for specific shapes or textures that can help your dog’s gums and teeth. Blue Buffalo tops our choices for quality because the focus of their products is to provide an all-natural solution for your canine’s health and dietary needs, including dental health.

What to Avoid in Choosing a Dog Bone for Your Pet

The aim of choosing the right dog bone is to find the most effective and enjoyable product for your pet. While there are many similar treats, toys, sticks, and regular bones, not all of them are prepared with the same benefits as a quality dental bone from a reputable manufacturer.

In many cases, these options make wonderful treats and may support your pet’s teeth, and there are some crucial characteristics about other options to consider.

Edible Treats and Snacks

There are plenty of great-tasting treats and snacks ideal for your dog, whether an occasional treat or a reward during training. While many naturally flavored treats are also good for your dog’s health, they tend to offer additional sodium, fat, and calories that may impact your dog’s weight and activity levels if fed too much.

Not all treats are created with the same nutritional value, which is also essential to keep in mind when selecting a treat, even if on occasion.

Choosing Snacks for Dogs With Tooth Decay

If your dog suffers from tooth decay or has recurring dental problems, it’s important to choose dog food, treats, and snacks that are easy to chew and won’t cause pain or pressure on your pet’s gums.

Avoid treats that are crunchy or likely to cause bad breath, a build-up of bacteria, and food on their teeth. If you notice swollen or bleeding gums, this may be a sign of irritation from food or treats, which should be replaced with a soft piece of fruit or wet food until you visit a veterinarian and provide the necessary dental treatment.

Avoid Hard Chews and Dried Bones

If your dog has a habit of chewing on dried bones, pig’s ears, or plastic toys, these may cause gum swelling or other problems for dogs with dental issues. When a dog receives dental surgery or related treatments, it’s best to avoid any food, treats, or bones with complex pieces or textures. Moist chews, soft or wet food, and similar options are best for pets with sensitive teeth and gums.

On occasion, many dried meat types and hard-textured treats are great for dogs with healthy, robust teeth and gums. It’s best to limit these types of treats, as some brands tend to be high in sodium, and not all flavors or brands include natural ingredients, which can lead to tartar build-up and tooth decay.

Choose a Dental Bone or Chew Treat That Suits Your Dog’s Size, Breed, and Habits

Does your dog chew aggressively or mildly? Do you have an energetic, teething puppy or an older dog with existing dental issues? The type of dental bone or treat you choose should accommodate your pet.

For example, a small, textured bone may be ideal for a poodle puppy but not the best option for an aging dog. Adult dogs can benefit from a wide range of dental bones, though the results may vary if the product is too large or difficult to chew for some canines due to the shape and size of their mouths, their bite, and overall personality.

Generally, it’s best to choose dental bones and chew treats that are sturdy and durable if your dog tends to be aggressive and wants to chew more often. If you notice this habit with your furry companion, it’s best to supervise them as they chew, to ensure that they don’t bite off any pieces or consume them.

Try a Few Dental Bone Products

Whether you take our advice and choose Blue Buffalo, or one of our other top picks, Nylabone or Benebone, you can expect to try a few options before settling on a good option for your dog. Your pet may gradually get used to one brand or may have little or no preference at all. You’ll get used to your dog’s chewing habits and how well they enjoy various bone textures, sizes, shapes, and flavors in time.

Maintaining Your Dog’s Dental Bones

If you choose a few dental bones for your pet at a time so they can “test” them, it’s essential to keep them clean and stored correctly so they don’t become contaminated. This process is essential if your dog plays and chews toys outdoors.

While many dental bones for dogs are not designed for dishwashing machines, they can be easily wiped down with warm water to keep them in good condition. It’s essential to avoid placing dog bones in boiling water, as this can destroy the shape and benefits of using it.

Final Thoughts

Why did we choose Blue Buffalo as our top choice for Benebone and Nylabone? Generally, we found that Blue Buffalo stands up to its claims of providing high-quality results consistently, so you can count on good products every time you buy one or more of their dental bones.

If you choose another brand at your local pet store or online, it’s best to ask your vet’s advice or consult with a professional about the effects of each product. In most cases, you’ll likely need to let your dog test the dental bone on their own to determine if it’s a good fit.

Quality and variety are among the most critical factors in choosing a reliable dental bone or chew treat for your dog. You’ll find many dog bones that offer significant advantages, and finding the best quality means your dog will enjoy the flavor and texture and benefit from excellent oral health support.

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