Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Review

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Every pet parent wants the best for their companion. That’s why we take them to the vet regularly, exercise them, keep them safe, and care for them as well as we can. We’re convinced that this is the same kind of thinking that went into making Blue Buffalo Dental Bones.

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones are some of the leading dental bone chews on the market today. These treats are not only tasty but are also highly digestible and go a long way toward freshening your dog’s breath and cleaning its teeth.

Let’s take a quick look at why we choose Blue Buffalo Dental Bones for our dogs and why you should too.

Who is Blue Buffalo?

Blue Buffalo is an American-based company that was founded by Bill Bishop in 2003. His family named their dog “Blue” and it’s that dog that is the inspiration for the Blue Buffalo brand.

As a pet owner, Bill Bishop wanted nothing but the best for his dog. As a result, they insisted on fresh and natural ingredients to prepare the dog’s food. Since Bill and his family wanted the best for their dog, they based the company’s entire philosophy on providing the best for everyone else’s “Blue”.

Today, the company is well-known for maintaining high quality and strict safety standards in all of its products, including the Blue Buffalo Dental Bones.

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Why Do Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Stand Out?

Apart from the fact that they are tasty, help clean your dog’s teeth, and freshen breath, the main reason why Blue Buffalo Dental Bones stand out from others on the market is the high quality and safety standards under which they are produced. The company imposes a strict 6-point quality check on every product.

Sources Check

Blue Buffalo promises to use nothing but the highest quality ingredients in its products. One way they can keep their promise is by ensuring that every single one of their suppliers is providing them with high-quality products. They do this by testing every ingredient they receive from their suppliers for its nutritional value.

The suppliers are also required to meet very stringent quality standards before supplying Blue Buffalo with their products. Every supplier has to pass a quality test by providing Blue Buffalo with information on their processes and programs.

Testing Ingredients

Apart from vetting all their suppliers, Blue Buffalo checks all the ingredients delivered to their facilities to ensure that the required quality is maintained during transit. The company has a Guaranteed Analysis standard that must be met before any ingredient can be offloaded at their facility.

Monitoring with Batching

Once all the delivered ingredients have met the necessary standards, they are put together to create the product. These ingredients are monitored throughout this batching procedure to ensure that the dietary formulas are implemented correctly.

In-Process Analysis

Samples are collected and tested at every stage of the production process to ensure that they meet the required standards. The equipment used is also well-maintained and cleaned thoroughly.

Package Evaluation

Once the Blue Buffalo Dental Bones have been packaged, the company uses x-rays to ensure food safety and the integrity of the packages.

Assessment of the Finished Product

The plant managers conduct a final check and review of the final products to make sure that they meet all of Blue Buffalo’s standards.

As you can see, the company doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to high-quality product manufacturing and safety. They go a step further by monitoring and using feedback from their clientele to ensure that the brand is always in touch with its customers’ needs.

Why Buy Blue Buffalo Dental Bones?

Why Buy Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from dental hygiene problems. This is especially true if their dental hygiene isn’t treated as a priority by you, the pet parent.

Periodontal disease is a common issue that not only affects your dog’s dental health but could have a far-reaching effect on its overall health. From broken teeth to loss of appetite, periodontal disease can make life miserable for your dog.

It’s not all about brilliant smiles and fresh breath. If not treated properly, the bacteria from diseased teeth and gums can get into your dog’s bloodstream and cause damage to the liver, kidneys, and even the heart.

While brushing is a great way to promote healthier teeth and prevent gum disease for your dog, sometimes, brushing isn’t effective enough on its own. That’s why it’s always a good idea to use dental chews and bones to help clean teeth.

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones come in 4 different sizes:

  • Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Mini which are great for dogs that fall within the 5-15 lbs. weight category.
  • Blue Buffalo Dental Bones, Small size which are ideal for dogs that fall between the 15-25 lbs. category.
  • Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Regular size which are designed for dogs that fall within the 25-50 lbs. weight category.
  • Blue Buffalo Dental Bones, Large size which work for dogs that weigh above the 50 lbs. category.

Note: It’s advisable not to feed Blue Buffalo dental bones to dogs that are under 5 lbs. You are also advised to always keep an eye on your dog when he or she is eating their dental treats. 

The Benefits of Buying Blue Buffalo Dental Bones for Your Dog

Apart from the fact that they are manufactured by a well-respected brand that observes the most stringent quality and safety standards, Blue Buffalo Dental Bones offer a host of benefits for your dog’s dental and overall health. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting some for your dog:

Improve Teeth and Gum Health

Whenever your dog chews on a Blue Buffalo Dental Bone, the mechanical action of chewing helps to clear plaque and any kind of debris that might be stuck on and between teeth. Dogs that chew Dental Bones daily have less plaque build-up and chewing dental treats has been found to reduce plaque build-up by about 70%.

Reduce Bad Breath

It’s not unusual for your dog to have bad breath. The same thing that causes bad breath in humans cause bad breath in dogs: bacteria build up in their mouths. This can either be from something they have eaten or a sign that they need better gum and dental care.

While a dental chew and bone brand such as Blue Buffalo Dental Bones will help improve a dog’s breath, it’s a good idea to check with your vet any time you realize that the bad breath is getting intensifying. The vet will check to ensure that the extreme bad breath isn’t a sign of any other underlying health issues.

Certain dog treats, such as the Blue Buffalo Dental Bones, are specifically formulated to freshen your dog’s breath as well as improve their dental and gum health.

Prevent Tartar

Tartar is the next step up from plaque. This hardened plaque is not only unattractive but also dangerous. When left unchecked, tartar can cause gum disease as well as tooth loss in your furry friend. Giving your dog a tasty treat like Blue Buffalo Dental Bones every day goes a long way towards preventing tartar buildup.

Gives the Dog Something to Chew On

Dogs love to chew on things. Not only does this give them something to do, but it also helps keep their gums and teeth in tiptop shape. One of the best ways to prevent your dog from chewing on shoes, textiles, and other items is to give them a healthy treat. It’s advisable to give your dog only one Blue Buffalo Dental Bone per day, but that is plenty to keep it occupied and give them enough chewing exercise.

Good Exercise for the Gums

We’ve already touched on the way Blue Buffalo Dental Bones help keep the dog’s teeth and gums healthy by slowing the growth of plaque and tartar, but the chewing also provides exercise for the gums and jaw. Not only does this daily chewing help make the dog’s gums stronger, but it also massages the gums, encourages blood flow, and gives them that healthy pink color.

Things to Consider Before Buying Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

We already know that Blue Buffalo dental bones are manufactured by a highly rated and reliable brand. That, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do your due diligence before buying any of their products. Here are some key factors that you should consider when looking for the best dental bones for your dog.


By size, we are talking about both the treat and the dog in question. As mentioned, Blue Buffalo dental bones come in four different sizes. Each size is manufactured to cater to dogs of a specific weight class. It would be unwise to give your Chihuahua a Blue dental bone that’s meant for a fully grown Mastiff. Not only will that be too much for your little dog to handle, but it could pose a danger to its teeth.

On the other hand, giving your Mastiff dental bones meant for a Chihuahua could pose a choking hazard for the dog, as it might be tempted to swallow it whole without properly chewing it first. The good thing about buying Blue Buffalo dental bones is that they come clearly labeled, so you can’t mistakenly give the wrong size treats to your dog.


It’s always good practice to check with your vet before you introduce any new treats or food to your dog. Even though Blue Buffalo follows a very strict code of conduct, not every dog will agree with everything that goes into the manufacturing of the treats. That being said, Blue Buffalo dental bones promise to only use the best, natural ingredients to make their dental bones.


It’s crucial to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to the letter. Some treats can be given to your dog multiple times a day, however, these Blue Buffalo Dental Bones aren’t that type of treat. The manufacturer specifies that you need to give your dog only one dental bone per day.

Why We Love Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Apart from the fact that it’s manufactured by a company that loves and cares for pets, there are several good reasons why we love Blue Buffalo Dental Bones. They’re affordable, they’re made of the best natural ingredients, and they come with clear instructions on how and when to give them to your dog.

Here are some reviews from customers who love these treats just as much as we do:

If you have been searching the market for dental treats or bones for your dog, you have just found the cream of the crop. There is no doubt that Blue Buffalo Dental Bones are manufactured to the highest possible standards in the industry. We hope your dog loves them as much as ours do!

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