What Size Crate for a Beagle?

beagle puppy inside crate

Beagles are friendly, affectionate dogs that enjoy socializing, playing, and traveling with their human companions. When you’re ready to purchase a dog crate for your Beagle pup, it’s essential to consider important factors, including the size and material of the crate, the comfort level, and how accommodating it will be for a puppy or new…

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How Much Should a Beagle Weight?

owner loving her beagle

Adopting a new Beagle puppy is an exciting experience, especially as you watch your young pet grow into a healthy, thriving dog. As you raise your pup into an adult Beagle, you’ll likely observe their development and check in with your veterinarian often to ensure they’re growing properly. One of the top concerns many dog…

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Why Is My Dog Stretching a Lot?

dog stretching outside

Stretching is a common activity for many pets, including dogs, as a way to exercise, as they’re waking up from a nap, or to feel more comfortable. When you notice your dog stretching too often, there are a number of reasons to consider. Excessive stretching can be a symptom of a health condition, a need…

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Why Female Dog Leaks Clear Fluid

dog with female owner

There are several reasons female dogs have vaginal discharge, which is usually straightforward. When this occurs, it’s often the body’s way of cleaning itself, or the discharge may begin while your dog is in heat or after giving birth. Other reasons may indicate a health concern, such as a urinary tract infection, injury, or another…

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What Causes Green Discharge in Male Dogs?

dog portrait

One of the most concerning symptoms a dog owner may notice is a green discharge from a dog’s penis, which may indicate an infection or be a normal function that doesn’t require medical treatment. If you observe additional symptoms or discomfort accompanying this discharge, there may be a serious condition that your veterinarian can assess…

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Best Beagle Puppy Food

beagle puppy eating

Beagles are energetic, friendly, and protective dogs that make excellent companions for adults and kids of all ages. They enjoy playing and socializing, though they can be stubborn, which requires dog owners to use patient techniques and positive reinforcement training when they are puppies. Beagles were initially bred as scenthounds and efficient hunters for small…

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Best Boxer Food

boxer with food bowl

Boxer dogs are well-known for their strength, bravery, intelligence, and loyalty to human companions. They were initially bred for hunting and had a strong, muscular build. Boxers come in various coat colors and are typically medium to large in size, with short-haired fur. This dog breed is attentive and affectionate, which makes them excellent pets.…

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Bump From Tick Bite on Dog

dog sitting on beach

Ticks are more common than many pet owners realize and pose a significant risk to your pup, like fleas. Ticks are closely related to mites and spiders; they survive feeding on animals and humans, and some are impacted differently. While most people expect to encounter ticks in rural, forested areas, ticks are common in urban…

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Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Legs?

dog sleeping between owner legs on a couch

Dogs have many different sleeping positions, and they often enjoy resting with their human companions, whether it’s at the edge of the bed, in the same room, or snuggling close. Sometimes, dogs may sleep between your legs for various reasons, either because they are protective, want to feel safe, or show affection. While this is…

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Can Dogs Eat Wasabi?

sushi on wasabi on plate

Wasabi is a spicy condiment that adds a lot of flavor to sushi, sashimi, sandwiches, and burgers. Due to its intense flavor, wasabi is often considered an acquired taste, though it’s a top choice for many dishes and is used to flavor dried snacks, including chips, peas, wasabi almonds, and dried seaweed. If your dog…

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