Bump From Tick Bite on Dog

dog sitting on beach

Ticks are more common than many pet owners realize and pose a significant risk to your pup, like fleas. Ticks are closely related to mites and spiders; they survive feeding on animals and humans, and some are impacted differently. While most people expect to encounter ticks in rural, forested areas, ticks are common in urban…

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Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Legs?

dog sleeping between owner legs on a couch

Dogs have many different sleeping positions, and they often enjoy resting with their human companions, whether it’s at the edge of the bed, in the same room, or snuggling close. Sometimes, dogs may sleep between your legs for various reasons, either because they are protective, want to feel safe, or show affection. While this is…

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Can Dogs Eat Wasabi?

sushi on wasabi on plate

Wasabi is a spicy condiment that adds a lot of flavor to sushi, sashimi, sandwiches, and burgers. Due to its intense flavor, wasabi is often considered an acquired taste, though it’s a top choice for many dishes and is used to flavor dried snacks, including chips, peas, wasabi almonds, and dried seaweed. If your dog…

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Can Dogs Eat Calamari?

fried calamari rings on wooden tray with dipping sauce

Calamari is a tasty seafood dish often served as an appetizer or as part of an entree. It’s prepared in various ways, including steamed, raw, grilled, baked, or deep-fried, and enjoyed as a salad topping, a side dish, or the main feature. If you notice your pup observing your plate as you indulge in a…

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Can Dogs Eat Cheesecake?

hand gives food to the dog

Dogs love to indulge in many of the same foods we eat, whether a scoop of peanut butter or whole grain bread, a slice of cantaloupe or fresh strawberries. There are many types of foods that dogs can enjoy with their human companions, though it’s best to avoid or limit certain ingredients and human food…

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Why Does My Dog Huff at Me?

dog resting on sofa

Do you notice a huffing sound from your puppy or a similar concerning noise from your dog? Sometimes, a dog huffing can sound like panting or a normal cough, though if it sounds like choking or a sign of illness, it’s best to check with your veterinarian to rule out any respiratory problems or allergies.…

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Best Puppy Food for Goldendoodles

golden fluffy puppy laying on the porch with a pine cone

Goldendoodles first appeared in the 1990s, quickly becoming a popular designer breed, with purebred Golden Retriever and Poodle parents. Goldendoodle puppies have a great mix of the intelligence and athletic nature of Poodles and the playful, social character of Golden Retrievers. They require a diet rich in protein, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, to…

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Best Food for Pomeranian

person is feeding a pet

Pomeranians are small to medium-sized dogs well-known for their fluffy coats, fox-like faces, and strong personalities. They make great pets for various households, including families, couples, and individual dog owners. Pomeranians come in a variety of coat colors and patterns and originated from Pomerania, a region in northern Europe, which the breed is named after,…

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Best Doberman Puppy Food

doberman sitting next to a spilled tub of dog food

Doberman Pinschers are athletic, intelligent, and friendly dogs that make great pets and companions. They require a hearty, balanced diet rich in nutrients. As a puppy, this large breed dog requires a diet high in protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. In addition to nutrition, the dog food formula should be high-quality and preferably…

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Best Pug Puppy Food

pug puppies eating at home

Pugs are well-loved small dogs that make excellent family pets and are among the most popular breeds worldwide. They originated from ancient China, where they were exclusively bred for their unique physical features and companionship. They are humorous, entertaining dogs that enjoy relaxing with their human companions instead of vigorous exercise and play. Pug puppies…

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