How to teach a dog to lay down

dogs laying down

Teaching your dog how to lie down or the “down” command is one of the most basic and useful behavior tricks. Ideally, every dog should learn how to lie down with their chest, elbows, and hocks making full contact with the ground. The dog should stay in that position when commanded until you release it.…

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The Best Dog Poop Bags

Best Dog Poop Bags

Most dog parents would agree that interacting with their dog is one of the most rewarding and therapeutic activities any animal lover can experience. Walking them, playing with them, even standing by as they do their “business” before heading back home. It’s all fun and games until you try using substandard dog poop bags to…

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Best Prong Collar Review

Best Prong Collar

The prong collar was invented in the 1940s by a veterinarian who wanted to find an alternative to the choke collar for dog training. Even though there’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding the use of prong collars, the truth is that any training tool, when used correctly, produces positive results. The prong collar is…

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Why Does My Dog Stare at Me?

puppy looking at camera

You may have noticed that your dog frequently stares at you several times throughout the day. If you are unsure why your pet does that, know that it is entirely normal behavior. Interestingly enough, there are quite a few reasons behind your furry friend’s intense looks, and some of them might even surprise you. There…

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