A Guide on the Best Pet Transport Services

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Are you planning on a vacation or getaway with your furry companion? Whether you’re booking a trip with your pet or relocating, pet transportation services are a great option, offering many benefits for you and your pet.

While traveling with your dog may seem straightforward, pet transportation provides excellent accommodations for your pet and an overall better experience. Before you choose a pet travel service, you’ll need to assess which company is best for you based on pet transport costs, whether you’re traveling by air or ground and have other needs for your furry friend.

The Importance of Choosing a Pet Transportation Service

Pet transportation services make everything easier. When preparing for a cross-country relocation or air travel, your pet may not initially share the same enthusiasm. A significant change can cause your pup to become stressed or anxious, making it difficult for pet owners to help their dog or puppy adapt to the situation.

While supporting your pet during a big move or change can be challenging, choosing a pet transportation service that best meets your dog’s needs is also essential. There are plenty of great benefits in choosing a reputable air travel service for your pet:

  • Ground transportation and air travel are available, depending on where you relocate or book your vacation.
  • Your pet will receive specialized care and accommodations not offered on standard flights or ground travel, such as rail, bus, or boat.
  • Pet transport costs are a good investment for your dog or puppy’s well-being, which allows them to relax and enjoy comfort while you focus on making travel arrangements.
  • If you prefer airline travel and your pet is best suited for ground travel, pet transportation is a great option that allows you and your furry companion to travel by your preferred method and in comfort.
  • If air travel is the only option available, pet transport specialists will make sure your dog or puppy is safely transported so that your pet can avoid some of the risks of traveling as cargo through a regular airline.

While the cost of pet transport may increase the overall expense of your trip or relocation, it’s a worthwhile investment in your pet’s well-being, safety, and care.

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The Benefits of Pet Transportation

What are the benefits of transporting your beloved pet through a specialized service? While every pet transportation service offers various types of accommodations, you’ll find the extra cost of securing your pets for travel is a worthwhile investment. Every pet transport service offers services that help pet owners and their furry companions.

Providing Comfort and Monitoring of Your Pet

When your pet travels with a specialized transport company, they can avoid the unexpected stress of delays and layovers, familiar with standard air and ground travel. Pet relocation services prioritize your pet’s needs, such as proper temperature control, food, water, and rest.

Assistance with Documents, Permits, and Other Paperwork

If you are traveling abroad with your pet, you may be subject to specific requirements that allow your pet entry into another country or region. In most cases, pet transport companies will assist with preparing the necessary documents, permits, health certificates, and air transport paperwork required.

They can also provide details on what pet owners can do to prepare their dogs for a flight or ground transport to another country, including ensuring they have up-to-date vaccinations, rabies shots, and other medical requirements.

Professional and Experienced Pet Handlers

If you want to ensure that your furry friend is well taken care of, many pet transport companies provide additional features, including door-to-door transport, GPS tracking, and other services to enhance your beloved pet’s sense of security and comfort.

Pet travel services offer the expertise of professional pet handlers who know how to work closely with your dog and ensure they receive the best care and attention throughout its trip.

Improved, Roomier Conditions

Your pet will enjoy more room and temperature-controlled conditions when they travel with a pet transport service. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can fly or send your pet by ground transport in a separate space, so they won’t be around other animals, which can cause some dogs to become reactive or stressed.

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Our Top Pet Transportation Services

Which pet transport services make our list? We choose the top pet travel companies based on affordability, experience, reputation, the services offered for pet owners and their pets, and additional care and accommodations for your furry companion.

Best Affordable Pet Transportation Company

Happy Tails Travel is a great company to work with if you’re a multiple pet owner and need affordable care for your pets, including cats, dogs, and birds. This pet travel service offers excellent advantages for pet owners.


  • Competitive rates for transporting your pet, including discounts for military relocation and households with multiple pets.
  • The company is a member of the IPATA (International Pet and Animal Association)
  • Air transportation, including international pet transport, is available
  • Domestic ground transportation service is offered
  • Households with multiple pets and military relocation are eligible for discounts
  • The company provides pick-up and drop-off services


  • No personalized accompaniment or caretaking services

Happy Tails Travel Inc. is an ideal choice for budget travelers and relocations. The only drawback we found when reviewing this company was no personalized accompaniment or caretaking services during flights. However, you’ll find the services are priced competitively, and your pets will receive quality care.

Best International Pet Transportation Company

Air Animals is an exceptional pet service owned and operated by licensed veterinarians and offers domestic and international transportation. This company offers specialized services for pets and their owners and many significant advantages.


  • A door-to-door service is an option
  • The company offers frequent updates on your furry friend to put your concerns at ease
  • If your pet doesn’t travel well with other dogs or animals, you can select private transportation for ground travel.
  • The company is a member of ATA (Animal Transportation Association) and IPATA
  • Domestic and international travel is offered, and this pet shipping company provides accommodations available for travel to up to 165 countries


  • Additional services, such as grooming and exercise, are not offered

The only drawbacks we noted were no additional grooming or exercise services for your pets, and the prices may seem high for some pet owners. Generally, Air Animals is an excellent choice and well worth the cost to ensure your pets are well cared for during travel.

Best Private Pet Transportation Company

Royal Paws is one of the best options if you’re looking to send your pet with private ground transportation. This transportation service offers spacious travel accommodations in climate-controlled SUVs, so you can handle all your relocation arrangements and rest assured your pet is in good hands. There are several reasons to choose this company:


  • Roomy, temperature-controlled ground transport for your pets
  • All dog breeds are accepted
  • It’s a family-owned company providing ground transport for cats and dogs.
  • Pet transport is private, though accommodations are made for households with multiple pets who can travel together.
  • Customized prices and services to enhance your pet’s experience and provide the best for their needs.
  • Door-to-door service is offered, and your pet will receive an outdoor break once every four hours during their trip.
  • Royal Paws donates a portion of its proceeds to animal rehabilitation service organizations.


  • Pricing is customized, which means there is no free structure, and a quote must be requested.

This pet ground transport company offers comfortable, relaxing travel for pets without any restrictions on your dog’s breed. While pricing isn’t readily available like other pet travel companies, it’s worth inquiring about this company’s quality pet transport services.

Best Pet Transportation Company for Flexible Crate Options

Airpet America is a company that specializes in domestic and international transport services for pets. This USDA-accredited company offers services to dog owners and various other pets and animals. One of the major benefits to using this service is the custom-crate options for your pet and additional services offered.


  • You can choose from various crate sizes to accommodate your pet during transport, including large crates for big dogs.
  • Cargo space is roomy and climate-controlled for pets
  • There are add-on services available for your pet, including grooming services and exercise
  • The company has over thirty years of experience in providing pet transport services, including international regulations for pet travel
  • Transportation is provided to many pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, turtles, and more.


  • It’s more expensive than other pet transport services

Airpets America is one of the more costly transport options for your pets, though you’ll find the expert service and accommodations for your pet are worth it.

Best Pet Transportation Service with GPS Tracking

Blue Collar Pet Transportation is a well-established company specializing in GPS tracking for pet owners to keep track of their furry companions. It’s a great pet travel provider offering flexible options and services for pets, including private, shared, and air travel.


  • Discounts are available for households with multiple pets
  • GPS tracking is available, which provides photo updates of pets for their owners
  • If you require ground transportation, exercise breaks, insurance, and kennels are included
  • Rates are reasonable and accommodating for various pets and their needs, with no extra charges for animals with special needs.


  • While the company offers excellent services and travel accommodations, fewer transportation destinations are available.

Blue Collar Pet Transportation is a good option if your priorities are keeping regular tabs on your pet and ensuring they receive the best comfort at an affordable price. The company is also excellent for people with more than one pet.


Pet transportation services are essential to travel, whether planning a long-distance vacation or relocation with your pets. Our top pet travel service companies are among the best choices for pet care, travel comfort, and services, which ensure that your pets are always handled with care until they arrive at their destination.

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