How Much Does a Corgi Cost?

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Corgis are small, energetic herding dogs that often work on ranches and farms. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of the top dog breeds for herding, and they often participate in many championships.

Corgis are one of the most loved dogs in the world, and there are different types of Corgi dogs, including the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, American Corgi, and Harman Corgi.

Since Corgi puppies are among the most common breeds to adopt, there is a consistently high demand, and they tend to be expensive.

While the Corgi price varies depending on the type of puppy, breeder, and other factors, they are typically low-maintenance dogs that socialize well with their owner and human companions. Corgis are massively popular due to their media exposure, as a favorite with Queen Elizabeth II and celebrities worldwide.

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The Price Range of a Corgi Puppy

When you adopt a Corgi from a reputable breeder, the price range varies between $1,000 and $2,000. If you adopt a Cardigan Corgi, you can expect to pay around $1,200 or up to $1,800, depending on the location or the breeder.

Since the Welsh Corgi enjoys fame as Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dog breed, you may pay a higher price for this specific Corgi due to its association with royalty. Champion bloodlines cost the most, well over $3,000 for a Corgi pup, due to their history of high performance and herding skills.

Selecting a Reputable Corgi Breeder

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When you buy a Corgi from a reputable breeder, you’ll likely pay a premium price, though it’s worthwhile for a quality puppy with good health and pedigree. The top Corgi breeders offer Corgi puppies that are carefully bred, with genetic testing, family history information, and guaranteed health.

You’ll also pay top price for a purebred Corgi, though if you’re looking to adopt from a local animal shelter or mixed Corgi breed, you’ll pay a significantly lower price.

Before you decide on a puppy, it’s crucial to research Corgi breeders in your local area, including their credentials and reviews from customers, and visit the facilities to view the puppies’ condition and surroundings. When thoroughly reviewing potential breeders, you’ll avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders, who often make inaccurate health and performance claims.

Factors That Impact the Price of a Corgi Puppy

Various factors impact how much you’ll pay for a Corgi puppy, such as appearance, registration papers, and age. Determining which characteristics you’re looking for in a Corgi before you adopt is essential, as this affects the overall cost.

Coat Color, Breed Type, and Overall Appearance

There are various appearances within the Corgi breed, most notably the Cardigan Corgi and Pembroke Corgi. These pups are available in various coat colors, with red and white as the most common, though you can expect to pay more for a Corgi with a merle or sable coat. Corgis also have docked tails, while others have long tails and various coat textures.

Corgi Puppies and Adult Dogs

Typically, Corgi pups are the most expensive, as they are in high demand and are much easier to train during the first year. If you’re looking for a less expensive option, you can adopt an adult Corgi, which often costs much less and is a practical solution if you’re set on buying a Cardigan or Welsh Corgi.

Health Guarantees and Bloodline

Many reputable breeders offer a guarantee for your Corgi’s health based on genetic conditions that indicate your puppy will enjoy a healthy life. They may also provide details on your Corgi’s bloodline, which may increase the price if your puppy has champion parents or is a descendant of a desirable pedigree.

Training and Companionship

Corgi puppies bred with a reputable breeder may receive training before they meet their new owners, which effectively increases the price. Training also improves your dog’s ability to socialize and behave, which is essential for a new Corgi owner, and it’s worth the increase in price for a quality experience with your new puppy.

Registration With a Kennel Club

You can register your Corgi with a professional kennel club, including organizations exclusively for Corgi breeds, including the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club. If a breeder offers this registration for their puppies, you’ll likely pay more, which is an excellent benefit if you’re considering this option.

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Corgi puppies are incredible dogs that make excellent pets for various families and households. You’ll find many additional factors that influence the cost of buying a Corgi dog, including the location of the breeder, the regional demand, and the number of breeders available in your area.

A Corgi’s gender, size, and other distinct features may also impact the cost of your new pup, though you’ll find most dogs fall within the average price range. When you buy a Welsh or Cardigan Corgi from a reputable breeder, you’ll find they enjoy a long, healthy life.

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