How Much Does a Doberman Cost?

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Dobermans are highly intelligent, compassionate, active, and fun dogs. They are physically strong and tend to require a lot of training and care, though they are great at socializing and make excellent pets.

If you’re considering adopting a Doberman Pinscher puppy, there are a variety of factors that impact how much you’ll pay, which can range anywhere from $1,200 to $5,000, depending on the breeder, pedigree, family history, and other characteristics.

Factors that Impact the Cost of a Doberman

While Doberman Pinschers tend to be an expensive dog breed, you can expect to pay more for a puppy than an adult or senior dog. Choosing a reputable breeder that is certified or adopting a puppy or dog from a well-established pet rescue or shelter is also essential.

Breeder Reputation and Location

When you buy a Doberman puppy through a reputable breeder, you can expect to pay a higher price for your dog. Well-established Doberman Pinscher breeders provide better pedigrees and often provide puppies with good health and excellent prospects for a long, quality life.

While you’ll pay more through a Doberman breeder with an excellent reputation and reviews, you’ll likely save on medical costs in the long term, as these breeders often perform health tests and provide a nurturing, supportive environment for puppies.

If you need to travel a long distance to visit a breeder and buy or adopt a puppy, you can expect to pay more in mileage costs, a travel crate, and other expenses to accommodate your new furry friend.

A quality breeder can also provide information about your Doberman dog’s family history, proof of vaccinations, and vet appointments. Researching a breeder and scheduling a visit is crucial to ensure the facility provides excellent care while avoiding puppy mills and backyard breeders.

Pedigree and Documentation

If you’re looking to buy a companion animal or working dog, you can expect to pay more for a Doberman Pinscher, significantly if they have been raised or trained as a guard dog or a specific set of skills.

The cost of pedigree or registration papers will significantly increase to $3,000 or more, depending on the breeder, though it’s a meaningful way to ensure your Doberman pup is qualified for a specific task or job.

Doberman Shepherds must have muscle development and specific temperament, along with specialized training, to meet the requirements of a working dog.

Breed Characteristics

Your puppy’s coat color, size, and other characteristics can impact the price. If you adopt a Doberman mix or a specific type, such as a miniature Pinscher, a European Doberman, or an American Doberman Pinscher, the cost may vary depending on how common the breed is in your area and the demand. Puppies and smaller breeds tend to be more expensive, though a purebred Doberman Pinscher carries a high price tag, especially if they are bred for a specific purpose.

A Doberman’s price is often influenced by the color of its coat, which is typically available in chocolate and black. Black is the most common and inexpensive option, while chocolate Doberman puppies can cost a few hundred dollars. If you come across a white or spotted Doberman breed, this is likely because they are not purebred but a mix with another dog breed.

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Doberman Age and Gender

Puppies are often more expensive than older dogs. While many pet owners prefer to adopt or buy a Doberman pup, older dogs make great pets, especially if adopted through a pet rescue agency or shelter.

There isn’t a major cost difference between male and female Doberman Pinschers, though if there is a high demand for one gender, you may notice a higher price tag as a result. Male Doberman dogs may be preferred for pet owners who want a larger dog without the risk of pregnancy, whereas female Dobermans are ideal for anyone who wants to breed puppies.

Other Factors That Impact Doberman Price

This large dog tends to be costly compared to other dog breeds, and other factors may alter the price. These factors include vaccinations, specific disease testing, tail docking, and other options, which may be offered by a breeder at an extra cost or included with the purchase price. It’s also important to consider other setup costs when you bring a new puppy home, such as pet insurance, dog food, bedding, crate, and veterinarian visits.


Doberman Pinschers are beautiful dogs that provide great companionship and protection. Whether you decide to adopt or buy a Doberman puppy or an older dog, it’s essential to review local breeders and their reputations to ensure you choose the right option. While Doberman Pinschers tend to be more expensive, they are highly compatible and intelligent pets that make a great addition to your family.

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