How Much Does an Australian Shepherd Cost?

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Australian Shepherds are friendly, loyal companions and make ideal family pets. If you’re a new pet owner considering this dog breed your choice, it’s essential to review the price range for adoption and the factors contributing to various types of Aussie dogs, including miniature Australian Shepherds, an Australian Shepherd mix, a standard-sized dog, and other characteristics.

Aussie Shepherds are well known for their herding skills on ranches or farms and are common as service dogs.

Generally, you can expect to pay between $600 and $800 on average, or as much as $1,800 or more. The exact price depends on various factors, including the pedigree, coat colors, the breeder, and the facility’s location.

This affectionate, intelligent dog breed requires ongoing costs for proper nutrition, dog food, exercise, visits to the veterinarian, pet insurance, and other regular expenses.

It’s crucial to consider all these items when choosing an Australian Shepherd puppy and how well your new furry companion will adapt to your home.

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What Impacts the Cost of Adopting an Australian Shepherd Puppy?

When you begin searching for a reputable breeder for your Australian Shepherd puppy, you’ll likely find a wealth of information, prices, credentials, and locations.

As you consider your options, you must become familiar with the criteria that set the price for your pup, including coat colors, breeder reputation, location, and pedigree.

Once you adopt your Aussie, you’ll also want to calculate the cost of raising your new pet and the total expenses expected during their lifetime.

Coat Colors

There are no specifics regarding pricing and coat colors, though certain coats in high demand, or unique tri-color blends, may be more expensive for this reason.

While every individual pet owner has a preference for coat colors, red merle tends to be a rare coat color that’s typically more expensive.

Tri-colored coats are also in high demand, and many puppies may cost more if they have a rich, shiny coat of multiple colors.

On the other hand, pups with one color, or those considered more common, may not be as quickly adopted, such as black Aussies.

Breeders charge less for puppies that don’t sell as quickly instead of increasing the price for tri-colored or red merle pups. If the specific dog breed is more of a factor than coat color or blend, some individuals may choose to adopt an Aussie puppy with a black or single-colored coat.

In most cases, breeders are familiar with which puppies are most popular and which ones are more difficult to sell, ultimately impacting their pricing. The most recognizable coat types for Australian Shepherd dogs are as follows:

  • Tri-colored (tan, black, and white, with other variations, including red)
  • Two-toned colors (black and white, black and tan, or blue merle and white)
  • Red merle and blue merle
  • Solid colored coats, including tan, black, blue merle, red merle, and white

Many variations of these coat types may be influenced by family history and genetics, including other breeds mixed with Aussies.

Considering a purebred Australian Shepherd, you’ll find that most coats are consistent with the standard colors and blends.

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Breeder Location or Region

If you’re searching for breeders in multiple regions, states, and countries, you’ll find a significant variance in price.

While the specific location of the breeder or where the Aussie pups are bred may not directly impact the price, the degree of demand in a specific region will affect the price of adopting a pup.

For example, suppose a specific region or country doesn’t have many breeders that offer Australian Shepherd puppies.

In that case, the adoption price will increase based on the demand, whereas a city or area with many competing breeders may offer better prices.

Ideally, if you’re considering a local breeder offering a competitive price, it’s best to research and visit the facility before you make a decision.

It’s also important to consider a reputable Australian Shepherd breeder in your immediate area before planning a cross-country drive to adopt your new family pet.

Thorough research, which includes reading customer reviews, ratings, and the facility’s history, is essential in avoiding puppy mills and similar establishments.

The Pedigree and Family History

Whether you plan to adopt a mini Australian Shepherd or a standard Aussie, you’ll want to review the pedigree, which includes the family history, specific line of ancestry, and related details.

Reputable breeders register dogs with a pedigree with an established kennel club, such as the American Kennel Club (AKC), which typically requires a fee for this process.

While a pedigree impacts your mini or standard Australian Shepherd pup’s price, a registered pedigree doesn’t guarantee that your dog will possess the best skills or characteristics or perform best in a competition.

However, ensuring that your Aussie pup meets the breed standard is best. When you adopt an Australian Shepherd with a pedigree, you can expect to pay a higher price from a reputable breeder.

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A Breeder’s Reputation

Many dog breeders, including casual and unregistered breeders, may offer a reasonable price or claim to have purebred Aussie puppies.

Unfortunately, many of these offers are unsubstantiated. It is best to invest, even if the cost is higher, and find a reputable breeder with a solid track record.

While specific characteristics establish whether a breeder is legitimate, you’ll pay more if you adopt from a reputable facility.

When you contact breeders, you can read online reviews and accreditations and discuss your options with an experienced dog owner.

It’s essential to ask the breeder about affiliations with kennel clubs or organizations that support their reputation, whether they have pups registered with a pedigree, and plan a visit to the facility before making a final decision.

If a breeder is a member of a prestigious organization, you’ll find this easily with a quick online search. When you visit the facility in person, it’s essential to observe the puppies and inquire about their health, genetic screening, temperament, and other details specific to the breed and the puppies’ well-being.


An Australian Shepherd’s cost varies based on several factors, which are essential to consider when you’re ready to adopt an Aussie pup. This loyal, family-friendly, working dog breed is similar to other popular dogs, including the German Shepherd, Border Collie, and Golden Retriever.

While it may take more time and money to find the right puppy for your home, it’s worthwhile to understand how Aussie dogs are priced so that you can make an informed decision before you adopt.

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