How to Groom an Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherds are beautiful dogs with various coat colors and color blends. This popular dog breed is well known for its loyal companionship, friendly nature, and long hair that requires regular maintenance and grooming.

Initially, the dog grooming process may seem challenging for new pet owners, though it can be a relaxing and pleasant experience for Aussie pups and their human companions.

Grooming your Australian Shepherd can be done with a home grooming kit, which includes all the necessary accessories and tools to keep your dog’s coat in excellent condition and free of tangles and matting.

It’s essential to get familiar with the grooming process, which is covered in this article and includes the essential tools to maintain loose hair and reduce shedding, how often to groom, managing various types of Australian Shepherd’s fur types, and other helpful suggestions.

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Grooming Your Australian Shepherd Pup Regularly

While most dogs require grooming regularly, Australian Shepherds have a unique, double-layered coat that requires higher maintenance than other dog breeds. An Australian Shepherd’s fur is prone to frequently shedding, which also requires regular care to prevent matting.

Ideally, it’s recommended to brush and maintain your Aussie’s coat once a week, which helps remove dead hair, knots, and debris from your dog’s fur.

This process also promotes the development of natural oils, distributed when you brush their hair, providing a natural conditioning effect.

You’ll also remove loose hair from shedding and prevent tangling, which is common in dog breeds with long, thick coats of fur.

How Often Should an Australian Shepherd be Groomed?

A double coat, which is thick, long, and layered, requires weekly grooming. Australian Shepherds shed heavily, and the dead hair quickly accumulates, leading to matting and knots.

A professional grooming brush effectively removes dead, damaged fur while stimulating your dog’s skin with healthy, natural oils, which also support your dog’s hair roots.

One of the most crucial aspects of grooming your Aussie’s coat regularly is to ensure the double coat properly insulates your dog from drastic temperature changes.

When this thick layer is carefully brushed, it prevents high heat or extreme cold from passing through the outer guard hair, which helps regulate your Aussie’s temperature.

Regular grooming improves your dog’s skin health and gives them a sense of comfort. It’s also a great way to bond with your Aussie pup while getting familiar with grooming scissors, a bristle brush, and other essential tools to keep your pet’s fur in excellent condition.

If you’re familiar with maintaining your Australian Shepherd dog’s coat, you can visit a professional groomer once or twice, then invest in a complete grooming kit to care for your pup at home once or twice weekly.

What You’ll Need to Groom Your Australian Shepherd

If you’re just getting started as a new pet parent, you’ll find most dog grooming kits offer the essential tools you’ll need to begin caring for your Aussie. The following items you’ll need to groom your pet include the following:

  • Slicker brush
  • Bristle brush
  • De-shedding tool
  • Trimming scissors
  • Undercoat rake

Ideally, you can find all these essential tools and more in most professional-grade dog grooming kits. For example, there are kits specializing in low-noise clippers and trimmers, which are more comforting for puppies and dogs with a low tolerance for noise, and heavy-duty kits designed for medium to large dogs with thick fur and double coats.

It’s also vital to invest in a good quality shampoo that provides detangling and conditioning for your dog’s fur.

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Step-By-Step Grooming Process for Australian Shepherds

When you begin grooming your Aussie, there are several steps involved. While many Australian Shepherds have a variety of coat colors, textures, and styles, the basic grooming process is similar.

  1. Begin with a slicker brush, and carefully brush your dog’s fur from root to tip, moving with the direction of the fur coat growth. It’s important to never brush against the growth of your pet’s fur, as this can cause discomfort and knotting.
  2. Brush the entire coat, including your dog’s belly and legs. After the slicker brush, use the undercoat rake and brush your pet, covering all areas.
  3. Pay close attention to any tangles, knots, or mats forming in your dog’s coat, and carefully remove them with your fingers. It’s important to comb your dog’s hair outwards to prevent scratching your pet’s skin.
  4. Once all the tangles and mats are removed, brush your dog’s coat with the slicker brush, then finish with the bristle brush to remove any dead or loose hair.

Australian Shepherds frequently shed, and during this phase, it’s essential to groom daily to prevent the loose fur from forming into tangles and reduce the amount of shed dog fur from collecting around your home.


While grooming your Australian Shepherd may seem challenging at first, it quickly becomes an enjoyable, relaxing opportunity to bond with your pup while promoting a healthy coat.

When you begin grooming your Aussie as a puppy, you’ll find the process becomes much easier and a great way to reduce the effects of shedding while promoting the distribution of natural oils to support your dog’s skin and coat year-round.

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