The Top USDA Certified Pet Transport Services in the US

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Choosing a reputable pet transportation service in the US is essential to accommodating your pet from point A to B as safely and comfortably as possible. When searching for a reputable pet transportation company, you’ll find that the best options are USDA-certified, accredited veterinarian-supported services that provide optimal care for your pets.

When you work with a USDA-certified pet transport company, you can be assured that your furry companions are handled professionally by qualified staff familiar with the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations. This licensing requires strict adherence to these guidelines and providing proper care for animals, which includes veterinarian inspection and a health certificate.

Top USDA Certified Pet Transportation Services

Our top choices for USDA-certified pet transport services provide the best quality accommodations for pets, whether you’re planning a long-distance vacation or relocating to another state or country. These companies offer everything from the basics to private travel, veterinarian care, pet grooming, and special services.

Best USDA Accredited Veterinarian-based Pet Transport Service

Air Animal was started by veterinarians in the 1970s and is one of the best pet travel companies. This Florida-based pet transport service offers safe pet relocation options across the US, with connections to a network of over two hundred airlines.

Air Animal offers top-tier services that include door-to-door transportation domestically and internationally. The company is also endorsed by the IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) for its high standards for pet transportation.


  • The company’s pet transport services range from basic book and fly for international packages, and domestic travel to VIP door-to-door services, which typically range from $1,500 to $2,700
  • Connected with an extensive network of airlines and travel services
  • Microchipping is free and included in the price, which is done specifically to the destination country’s requirements


  • Long-distance ground transportation is not provided
  • The services offered by Air Animal are typically more expensive than most pet relocation companies.

Best Pet Transportation Service for Multiple Pet Households

Happy Tails Travel Inc. is a great pet relocation company offering ground transportation and air travel for your furry friends. This Arizona-based company has an excellent reputation with customers and a track record for safety. One of the specialties of Happy Tails Travel is accommodation households with multiple pets, including dogs, cats, pet birds, and other pets.


  • Special rates are available for households with multiple pets, and ground transport has no breed restrictions.
  • They provide discounts for military relocations.
  • Air travel and ground transportation are both offered for domestic travel
  • Prices are considered reasonable, and you’ll have the option of discounts for certain circumstances and services required


  • You’ll be required to pay a fee for consulting services
  • Prices can be high if you book pet transportation at the last minute

Best Ground Transport Service for Pets

Starwood Animal Transport Services offers various ground pet transportation options, including convenient locations in Atlanta, New York, Portland, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

The company provides excellent conditions with well-trained drivers and professional staff to accommodate your pets in climate-controlled vehicles for the duration of their trip. This company’s pet shipping services entail the best in comfort, including outdoor breaks once every four hours, pet grooming services, and local pet taxis in specific regions and cities.


  • Flat fee rates for ground transportation
  • You can add pet grooming services for your pets
  • The company is USDA endorsed
  • Starwood is part of a group of companies that includes MyPetCab, Starwood Pet Travel, and Pacific Pet Transport
  • Offer assistance with customs clearance, entry and official identification, import requirements, and additional requirements to accommodate your pet shipping needs


  • For specific prices, you’ll need to request a quote for pet relocation, especially if there are additional services added or accommodations
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Best Customized Pet Transport Service

Animals Away were established in New York in the mid-1990s and have grown into a well-trusted pet shipping service. It works with customers to customize a pet transport route and services to keep travel as direct and convenient as possible.

You’ll have access to domestic and international relocation services, including ground transport and air travel. Animals Away also assist with import permits and pet health certificates.


  • Kennels are modifiable, which makes them easy to adjust for your pet’s size and comfort
  • Transport routes are customized to be as direct as possible to avoid unnecessarily long trips and delays
  • The company offers an expert team with a combined fifty years of experience in the dog transport industry
  • Animals Away hold a USDA handlers license and is a member of the IPATA
  • Offers door-to-door services for domestic and international pet relocation


  • There are no prices available on the website

Best Pet Transport Company With Additional Services

Airpets America is an international company that offers domestic and international pet transportation. This Texas-based company has more than two decades of experience in pet shipments, including working with various animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, and birds.

Generally, most travel options range between $1,000 and $2,000, and accommodations for your pets include climate-controlled transport, frequent exercise breaks, and pet grooming options.


  • The company provides a licensed veterinarian as part of the team and can provide exceptional support if your pet begins to suffer from anxiety or a health condition.
  • Airpets America is USDA certified.
  • Discounts are available for military relocations.
  • Pet grooming, exercise breaks, and other services are available to add to your pet travel package


  • The service is generally more expensive on average than other pet shipping companies


USDA-certified pet transportation companies offer many excellent services, whether you’re looking for a straightforward ground transport option, air travel, or a customized package that provides exceptional care and additional services for your furry friend.

While some pet transportation services are significantly more expensive, they often provide various options that accommodate pets with special medical needs and assist with international permits, documents, and other requirements.

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